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08-19-2010, 12:18 PM
Originally Posted by mdacunha View Post
I thought one point of the update was to make it so that PVP could happen with smaller groups, considering there were 2v2 matches possible at several points, we should have been able to launch one.
I'm pretty sure the system still has a minimum number of players before it will launch a match... as one of the devs explained it during testing, it was something like:
  • Map prefers 5v5
  • If no 5v5 spawns within X time, accept 4v4
  • If 4v4 starts but only 3 people on each side click Engage, spawn with 3v3
  • If not enough people Engage to do 3v3, fail and retry

Note that the hypothetical system above would NOT attempt to spawn a game from a starting point of 3v3, and never accepts 2v2s.

Now, this is only based on what I remember of the conversation, so it's not really safe to say it's direct from the devs, and it's totally possible I just misunderstood what they were saying or missed something in all the crazy chat scrolling.

But, it would explain why your 2v2 never popped, and why a 3v3 might not either.