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08-19-2010, 12:22 PM
Originally Posted by Edgecase View Post
I'm pretty sure the system still has a minimum number of players before it will launch a match... as one of the devs explained it during testing, it was something like:
  • Map prefers 5v5
  • If no 5v5 spawns within X time, accept 4v4
  • If 4v4 starts but only 3 people on each side click Engage, spawn with 3v3
  • If not enough people Engage to do 3v3, fail and retry

Note that the hypothetical system above would NOT attempt to spawn a game from a starting point of 3v3, and never accepts 2v2s.

Now, this is only based on what I remember of the conversation, so it's not really safe to say it's direct from the devs, and it's totally possible I just misunderstood what they were saying or missed something in all the crazy chat scrolling.

But, it would explain why your 2v2 never popped, and why a 3v3 might not either.
The original Q system they had was the best. it could be 1 v 5 but both sides could leave and also others were allowed in. Nice and simple.
The more complicated it gets the less pops we will get. Just my opinion