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# 1 Grouping Interface
08-19-2010, 01:05 PM
An advanced search on "grouping interface" returned nothing, so I hope I haven't missed a pertinent thread somewhere.

My biggest complaint about STO is its grouping/teaming interface.

1) Whether playing Federation or Klingon, I shouldn't see folks of the opposite faction in the LFT window. I can't team with them, so why should I see them?
2) I'd like to see the functionality to select/de-select episodes that you'd like to find/dorm a team for.

3) Allow/enable true filtering based on difficulty; currently, if I attempt to filter for same difficulty setting, I still see folks on all three settings.

If any of you are more savvy or have some useful suggestions for using the current LFT interface, I'll gladly listen. I still feel the current interface needs an overhaul.