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08-19-2010, 06:04 PM
Originally Posted by meeowww View Post
LOL... our premade team has gone over 6 months without being defeated, and you're saying you are the first team to beat my fleet and you don't even have a screenshot to prove it and none of your members FRAPS it and no one if your fleet has a screenshot?

For your information, Fister Sisters is a Klingon fleet. I'll admit a couple of us play our Fed alts for fun because we are bored of waiting on the Klingon side so we switch to the Fed side deliberately hoping that CHC will log in, or we're trying to get into FvF games. Mainly it's because we are bored and trying to get into FvF. But we haven't had a full 5 person team in a very long time because many of our members have left STO, myself included. We also don't use Vent anymore whereas CHC I believe frequently uses Vent. There's nothing wrong with Vent, it's just that we are playing for fun now and don't feel the need to strategize intensely, even when playing against your very skilled team. We actually think it's fun to play with Pugs and try to support them.

But as I recall the only time CHC has beaten us was when we were supporting Fed Pug's. And we all know how skilled Fed Pug's are at ground PvP... or how about the fact that my fleet is often split up between Klingons and Feds, so some of our fleet members are fighting each other in the same game but different sides? Again there's nothing wrong with that, it's fun for us.

But sorry to say, Fister Sisters beat you to it. Now I am not trying to brag at all, although I think you are trying to do that. But for your information, our fleet was #1 in ground PvP several months before your fleet. And back in the day, when we had several members in Season 1.2, we kept asking CHC for private matches and as I recall, most of the time we did not get a reply to our private messages or mail messages.

Now that STO and PvP is virtually dead and I barely play any ground PvP (I am mostly interested in space), sure CHC is at the top now. Congrats. You have many good members and I have a lot of respect for Thundernine, Nyrus, Kyrie, Donkey Punch, Commissar, etc. In fact I play space with them sometimes and like to play in teams with them.

But if you're interested, my fleet will challenge CHC to a 3v3 or 4v4 match if you want to defend your claim as #1 ground fleet. I don't know if we have enough people for a 5v5. But I might not join since some of your members have insulted me and trashed talked me (calling me a p.ussy) and again I am also insulted that you are basically calling us cowards in this post because you think we don't queue up when your fleet is online, which is far from the truth!

Don't get me wrong, I love playing against CHC even when we have Fed Pugs with us, and they are very close matches as you very well know (40-mid 30's). Now excuse me if this is a long post but I didn't feel compelled to reply until you basically trashed my fleet and called us cowards and claimed that we "never" queue up because we're afraid of you. Why say stuff like that to the PvP community? If you really wanted a fight, then why don't you challenge my fleet instead of the Fed Pugs? Why even make a post to call out the Fed Pugs when my fleet is right here?

Here's a stroll through memory lane of a full Fister Sister fleet team when we aren't supporting someone who constantly does suicide runs:

In any case, I look forward to defending the Fister Sister title as #1 ground PvP fleet.
I think Omega made the post to light a fire under the feds azz. and tbh honest you guys were best fought against. So I can safely speak for CHC when I say, we want you guys back.

The only other group that can be good is a group with Bug, Yuen, and althea in it.