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Originally Posted by Enterprise-D View Post
You can go and explore Engineering and Sickbay right now, but there isn't much to do there.

To get there you need to go to your bridge and then find the exit where the turbo lift is and go to the correct deck,
Thanks I just noticed after I was playing it for a long time and after posting that. However, Cryptic does need to add to add more things to do in the ship.

Cryptic, since I'm on the interiors: CAN YOU PLEASE RE SIZE THE DAMN CORRIDORS AND OTHER PARTS OF THE SHIP? I'm in a Miranda class starship which is really tiny by the way and the corridors are like 2-3 decks high. Not too mention that the "crew lounge" is like way too big it's like 4 times the size of ten forward on the Galaxy class. Seriously if you want to make a game for Trekkies at lest make it realistic by reasonable size decks, it's almost like walking in a shopping mall. Another thing, can you please add the functionality of calling a Red Alert from inside the bridge from a console and then have the red lights and the sound going off throughout the whole decks, thanks I really want to do that. Also why is their like an L shaped corridor to get into the Captains Quarters on the crew deck? It would really make more since just to have a door that says Captain's Quarters instead of walking through a door then around just to get there. Oh and would it be possible to add the ability to buy posters or photos of Star Trek and place them in the Captains Quarters or any other parts of the ship? It would be nice to have a poster of the Enterprise in my quarters. And last note please try to add those class of Federation ships that I mentioned in a previous threat, it would really help to see all the classes of ships that's been seen in the series and then it would be a really cool and fun game . Thanks