Thread: Tellarite Ears?
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08-19-2010, 10:09 PM
i think there should be a few additions to the char creator:

each race should have a few selection of ear types along with scaling:
-general size
-height and width
-angle (sticking out or closer to head)
-lobe size
-texture slider (wrinkled to smooth)

need a slider to turn the corners of the mouth (all chars look like they are frowning)
dimples would help that too

raising and lowering the cheeks

angle of the eyes and curve of the eye tips (like the mouth tips) -- some eyes are round, some squinted, some almond shaped, and some sad (angled downward) some are asian like (angled upward)

most basic current head options sliders need an increase in their abilities. i wanted to make a pronounced chin, but I couldnt reach the size i was going for in the human options