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08-20-2010, 08:37 AM
Short term:

I'm happy with the game at the moment. My one desire is remove the restriction that stops VAs from doing the RA daily pvp missions and getting Honor mark rewards. Failing that, and a lot easier, make the old rewards that you could only get from the mark of honors (i.e. Covariant shield array mk x [cap x3]) available for the marks of exploration.

Medium term:

For the love of the game, PLEASE remove the skill cap. You originally advertised that despite a level cap, which is vital for any game, there would be no cap on skill points. I dont believe it would be hard to introduce this.

Also I would like serious thought given to allowing a pilot who wants to fly escorts, science or cruiser the ability to fly any of the skins without it effecting the available BOs or Consoles. I made a post about replaceing the Ensigns with Universal ones for this purpose but it went un-noticed.

Maybe a quicker way to earn diplomatic points wouldnt go amiss either.

Long term:

I'd like to see Romulans added to the game. I want a Mogai Escort
Other than that i'm happy to see what direction the game takes.