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08-20-2010, 10:57 AM
I reckon it could work in one of two ways:

- You can choose whether a slot acts as a regular slot or an off-duty one, with only the appropriate options for each. Obviously, it'd be better to have an option to 'convert' slots back-and-forth - perhaps a tab for it? So, in the same way as choosing between 'Lower - Long' or 'Lower - Knee-High', you could choose between 'Uniform' and 'Off-Duty'.

- Have all options in the one slot, so you could choose to mix-and-match regular and off-duty parts. I'm sure this would be a popular choice, because it'd increase the possibilities for players, but I personally think that'd be a bad idea - keep 'uniform' parts for uniforms, and 'off-duty' for non-uniform clothing*.

*that said - one concession I can think of would be combadges. I'd be nice to do the time-honoured Star Trek thing of people putting their badge on over their civvies.