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08-20-2010, 11:18 AM
Originally Posted by meeowww View Post
What bothers me is that there are now two members in CHC who have come out and trashed my fleet on the forums, specifically saying we are avoiding the queues. That's ridiculous and if you really wanted to spy on us, you'd see that for one thing I am playing space PvP or a different MMO, because there are other MMO's that are more fun than STO for your information, or other people in my fleet are doing explores or leveling up new alts. It's contradictory that Omega is talking about "attitude" problems in his OP, whereas he is the one trash talking my fleet and in particular trash talking me after our 50 minute stand-still duel last night, comments of which I won't dignify to repost. And when I put up a good fight, no one bothers to say GG. You asked for a challenge and I gave you one, and then you turn around and trash talk me saying my damage is pitiful. Heh thank you, as if I'll want to duel you again just so you can trash talk me while I tell everyone else that you are a skilled player.

But my point is that my fleet and myself in particular has consistently praised CHC, and now my fleet is getting trashed left and right, first calling us hackers and now saying we're running away from the queue. And on top of this we get no apologies. I for one won't stand around and ignore the fact that you outright said "Then we finally defeated them, and we have NEVER seen the fister sisters in the fvk queues since" which is completely false since we haven't even had a full five person team, and also our main characters are all Klingons.

At this point, I have been point-blank attacked by almost everyone in the STO ground PvP community (for example, calling my cat outfit ugly, calling me a welfare bum, saying I can't 1v1, saying I run away, all kinds of stuff that I have screenshots of so you know who you are), yet I have never trash talked anyone else. Frankly you all need to grow up. Sure you have the right to free speech and can rub your winnings in people's faces, but it's that kind of attitude that makes people not want to queue up or play STO PvP anymore. I for one am tired of defending my fleetmates from all these ridiculous accusations.

Dude you taking Omega way to seriously. Lets be honest. You Say praised CHC, well I know many times I have done the same towards you guys in these same forums (as a matter of fact I have made threads about you). And the fact that Omega is calling you out is because we dont like to roll over people. And honestly, your group is the only group we believe can give us a fight on a regular basis.
And for whatever reason, you guys prefer to be in FVF and not FVK. Without you in FVKs, well its boring. The only other people that make it fun is yuen, althea, Bug & company. But they seldom are grouped up as one since they are not int he same fleet.
There is no passion for group pvp on the fed side asidefrom your fleet. Look at how you are upset and no one else is. You have something to prove and that by itself makes you and your group a better group than any other we will face.
So if Omega statements is lighting you up.... that was expected that welcomed. For we know you will give us the fight we want.

Conclusion: Unlike other guilds and fleets that are only having fun when they are rolling over people, we get bored if we only roll over people. We prefer a good fight. And we believe you are the only ones that can give us that.