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08-20-2010, 11:36 AM
Originally Posted by Allerka View Post
I've never fielded them as an army, to be honest. Hadn't really planned on it, either. I guess I could try some Loganwing at some point for fun, though.
I'd recommend running Deathwing rather than Loganwing. I'm working on a 1500 point Deathwing list, and while some upgrades are a little bit wonky in the point costs, you have a bit more freedom with your equipment loadouts.

Originally Posted by Allerka View Post
The AoBR dread's arms aren't really compatible with the regular models, but you don't need to glue them on to keep them on, at least.
This. The AoBR dread is fitted totally differently from the regular Dread box. I actually had to make quite a few modifications to my AoBR Dread's body to make regular Dread arms fit.