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08-20-2010, 01:29 PM
I'm not afraid to admit that I'm not a very good science player. My main is Engineer actually. I play Science so I can heal the Pugs I get thrown in with in PvP because I don't often queue up with my fleet and there are few dedicated healers in Pug groups.

Sure I only had about 3k damage and you had 30k, maybe that shows that I am the n00b and you are the better player. Do I have a strategy when I am in a duel? Sure I do. I'm not going to tell you what my strategy is as you'll probably make fun of me more as you've made this thread just to eat everyone up. I think it speaks for itself that you couldn't kill me after 50 minutes and probably will never kill me in a 1v1, and I'm not even a very good science player either. Yeah it says a lot that you need to improve yourself when you can't kill a low-damage n00b like me.

I'll admit that I make mistakes when I'm playing. But I'm here to have fun and your trash talking isn't going to ruin the $15 I pay to play with my friends and have a good time, but nice trying to push my buttons like that.