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08-20-2010, 05:15 PM
take in mind this is my opinion only and i am very partial to ground combat ( it is much more personal being face to face rather than in a ship )....

Ground requires more individual player skill due to expose / exploit, you only have a couple of seconds to either pop a shield charge to remove an expose or for a sci officer to remove it or for you to use sprint/roll and cover to avoid the incoming eploit shot. Because of this it is the most reflex "twitch" based part of this game and has a steeper learning curve than space as space is more about character and BO/ship build than actual player skill. Now all you spacers dont get all crazy on me lol personally I am abover avg at best in space and routinely lose to any decent space team but still usually win out in a pug v pug ( which I almost always pug space when I play space ). I wish more people would give themselves time to learn and understand the mechanics of ground combat in sto and get better because I think most people once they do will love ground more than space ( btw I started this game as a space pvp'er and got bitten by the ground bug ....not to be confused with that nasty infection nyrus gave me )

Anytime there is someone who wants to try ground out and learn a bit I am willing to 1 v 1 for practice and give pointers and hell maybe learn some new crap myself. Hit me up at ( Donkeypunch / Tigolbitties / Chesticles / F'arr / Tonitties ) @couladin to request a match.