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08-21-2010, 01:29 AM
Originally Posted by Simale
I thought she wore the cheerleader uniform in season one that looked almost like the male version, the Skant, we we really need asap. And it needs to be adaptable to work for all tops not just the season 1 one.
She did, in 'Encounter at Farpoint'...and then went to the other dresses after that; to my knowledge, there are only 2 episodes that show her in the 'skant': 'Farpoint' and 'All Good Things...'.

I do agree, even if only a few of her outfits appear, it would be nice to see the blue one from episodes like 'The Hunted' and 'The High Ground'...really about the only one I care about...except if we can get the casual ones from 'The Price'; and yes, I mean the little barely-there number from that episode too! lol