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08-21-2010, 12:28 PM
I agree with one of them saying of the flight in space being 90 degres and such but I feell it need sto be abale to fly much different then you would flying in Air. You see space is flying is much differnet then in air you move much faster and and almost instantanicly when out in space.

The inside structures of a ship or building are way to big as if some one that is 30 feet tal would be walking around there. The scale of it is just to big.. You may want to look at the Game Mass Effect and see how the inside of there ships and building look the are the right size they need to be to look real enough 10 ft high ceiling is about the right size I think. For ships and for most builings that you walk in. Down size the the scale and make it right it just looks to big.

Now I think that for the Different ships we have the inside of each one should look different, like for instance; the The enterprise Kirk typ ships the hall ways and engine room and what ever else maybe. should look like what it look like on the show and for the Voyager type ships the inside hsould look like the Tv shows as well. because right now all engine rooms look the same on the all ships they shouldn't.

when starting out the game, the're to many missions to do and when it calls for a fleet to do a mission not enough people to do it with you, not everyone wants to be in a fleet right away. Plus most of this game play is the same you go down you find the thing your looking for you pull out tricorder and scan it then your done.
Or you go out and destroy teh enemey with your ship. it just doing the same thing over, and over and over again. Just needs more to it then that. We need to have more missions that in volve doing things on the ship.
Random things happen on the ship that call you to stop from warp and take care of it. or some alien comes aboard and disrupts things.
Also would be nice to have a bridge command from an old game some how be intergrated in this game.
And would be nice to have you get rid of the beaming on board your bridge when you click to go to bridge. Maybe go from tactical to Bridge where the Captain is already sitting in his chair. It just looks more realistic to do that then to look as if you beamed to your bridge.
These are just some of the thing that I feel need to change if they don't then I will later decline from this game cause I'm loosing my intrest in it.