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Originally Posted by goldendragonbringer View Post
I'd like to see your bottle ships.
I'll post what images I have access to. I dont have any images of the last one I built but it's the same as the Constitution with the green deflector basically. I'll post the others when I find them.

First Attempt (3-Feet in Length)

This one was done for an art show, and by all terms, it "died" as it got sat on in the days following the art show

Miranda and Second Construction a Constitution (Constitution is 3-Foot)

These are the second (the Miranda) and third (Constitution) ships I've built. The Constitution is an improvement upon the first design.

Refit Constitution, Ship #5

The fifth ship I've built. I intended to make it small enough to fit in a school locker, but made it too large.

Smaller Refit Constituion, Ship #6

Name says it all. Smaller version of Ship #5

USS Arizona

My first ship class design. The image covers everything from the picture I drew in Seventh grade to the 3-Foot model I built.

Space Shuttle (Not Trek Related but I feel it belongs here as well)

For refrence, I'm 5'2'' in this image.