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Originally Posted by AngelSilhouette View Post
Yeah, the massive size of K7 and DS9 really do break immersion for me. I'd love it if they fell in with this size chart

I feel the best visual interaction the devs could have used with DS9 would have been to restrict the instancing to maybe 5 ships with a choreographed docking animation that would prompt you to dock when approaching the station. Selecting yes to dock would have the game take over the ship and manoeuvre it to physically dock with the station whilst it does a background load of the interior so you can immediately appear at one of the docking rings after the docking is complete.

And I would would have dearly loved for them to have used the actual Earth Space Dock from the films, with a similar docking procedure, except your ship would fly into the station instead of physically docking with it. ^.^


The reason I used Merzo's size chart is because of the grid in the background and because the grid is identical in size to Suricata's size chart and the properly scaled ships match across both charts.
We've been over this in other threads, but the size of DS9 is about as consistent as the size of the BoP throughout the series.

Basically, the station size varies so much in sfx shots that the current size of the station actually falls within the upper-range.

An example of what I'm talking about...