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08-21-2010, 08:09 PM
Originally Posted by stagemonkey02 View Post
I meant no offense, I just have a bad habit of being facetious.
No Offense taken, It's all good At the time I was only on a LT rank and I originally thought that I could get a ship for free but, since I saw the cost of the ships I was thinking how the heck I'm I supposed to pay for them?After playing longer I manged to get my first ship- Constitution class . I was annoyed at how ridicules some of size of the interiors. Maybe we'll catch each other at Quarks or something?

By the way is the bridges from the Intrepid class, Galaxy class, Constitution class from the shows in this game? If not does anyone know if Cryptic will put them in a later update? I would like to see the bridges from the tv shows in the game as opposed to just some generic bridges, they don't fit in some classes. One last question is the Delta Quadrant in this game or going to be? Since I noticed the trans warp conduit to the Gamma Quadrant I think it would be awesome to have the Delta in it as well.

Also Cryptic, thanks for making a really cool Star Trek game! Sadly the game has a lot of bad reviews but, after playing it for 3 days straight those reviews are off. I'm looking forward to the future updates.

Sorry for the bunch of questions, I am just so excited in the game and wanting to know what is going to be added to the game.