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08-21-2010, 11:27 PM
I did the Big Dig twice today on my Klingon, one being lucky enough to get at the tail end, the other I had to trudge 3 hours at the VA level instance (+2 mobs). Took 3 hours..........

In the end I got First Place and ended up with a Blue Mk XI Disruptor Split Beam.

I really wasn't happy because for 3 hours on something you could very much get off a drop on a mob in Exploration zones, just makes you want to /facepalm.

These Fleet Actions need unique loot. Guaranteed players would go there if they could get something that couldn't be easily replaced by the Marks or Emblem stores.

BTW, the Trophies are pretty bad...........Only one that looks decent is the Scout Mission one.

Originally Posted by Sleeves
You can pick which one you want both have planets. Why would waste your time in the harder version? Like I need the XP or something.
You're wrong, we don't have a choice. Cryptic never intended players to choose, they wanted us to play in the same instance. Its a fluke in the code that allows players in certain zones to change into a lower-tier.

Guaranteed they are working on something that will prevent us from changing instances into lower tiers real soon. So if you havn't gotten your First place Trophies and Accolades yet in Big Dig or SB24, you better do so now while you can.