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08-21-2010, 10:33 PM
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I finished my update to the Canon Color Guide and I posted the last of my wallpapers. You can reach them through the links in my sig. I know that this will likely be closed in moments as an "I Quit" thread (even though I am not quitting, just leaving the community) but I just wanted to take the time to thank everyone for their support. Thank you!

Feel free to look me up in game some time. I'll be back in a little over a month to update the Canon Color Guide with the Alternate Future (All Good Things) uniforms. Until then...

Originally Posted by Blackavaar View Post

Exclusive means exclusive. Unique means unique. There is no time expiration implied or alluded to by the definitions of either of those words and since no mention of such a time expiration was on any of the packaging or advertisements, that is by definition False Advertising regardless of what Cryptic's Terms of Use say they can do with the game.

Anyone who knows me knows that I was a die hard fan. A devoted follower of Cryptic not only for STO but for all of their games. This devotion was to the company created by Jack Emmert and the integrity he showed in his decisions for the development of the games and how they would conduct business.

It is such integrity that has kept the CoH CE "exclusive" from becoming available to the general public. That integrity still holds with the old Cryptic team, now the developers known as Paragon Studios, who still develop CoH and CoV. It does not however hold true of Cryptic's new incarnation. And that is because Jack Emmert no longer has any control over the marketing decisions of the company.

Those are the facts as I see them.

This is my last word on the subject and my last post in this argument.
I'm already establishing myself on other game forums.

Enjoy the game for as long as it lasts.

HEY WELCOME BACK!!! Lol, sorry. I just HAD to find that post of that long goodbye.