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08-22-2010, 01:52 AM
Originally Posted by Arczer
Wats Up Fleet?

And I Have A Question:

Should I Switch To Tetryon Beam Arrays?? Im In A Science Vessel And Im A Science Guy So What Ya Think??

Cya In Game!
Originally Posted by thefrayl View Post
Hey all.

I use Tetryon/Plasma on my Science main and I like it alot. A real shield eater, then I get the chance of DoT since I do alot more moving with my Sci than I do with my Tac. Works pretty well for me
Yeah Tetryon and some nast hull eater like Plasma is a good combo with your Quantums ofc. If you throw in a Gravity Well and Tacyon Beam combo ontop while targeting their engines you can almost hear the enemy Captain crying over the comms channel but you have to be quick though as his ship is about to go nova lol