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08-22-2010, 09:21 AM
Originally Posted by HadynGabriel
I missed the lifetime subs by like 2 days and even I agree. Besides I'd rather not see everyone running around as a liberated borg flying their Galaxy X's :|
I honestly don't understand why this is a concern for anybody.

I spent a fair bit of time camping in stations last night, just watching the people go by. Around 40% of the people I saw (where I had enough time to open up the Info window, anyway) were LibBorg. Another 1/3 or so were Alien (even the ones that LOOKED human... I guess players are more interested in Efficient Captain than they are in actually having a legit character). And far too many of the remainder were Caitian.

We're already drowning in LibBorg already. A few more won't make much difference.

On the topic of opening up special items... how come many of the pre-order 'Exclusive Items' are now in the C-Store? If it's fair for the pre-orders, it's fair for the Lifers.