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I just really think the pvp is kinda....awful in alot of senses. I Love STO, but the benchmark of every great mmo is a great pvp system for the endgame players to match wits in.
There isnt one.

The additions they recently made are cool, where you can basically set up duels and fleet matches.
But, still, only a piece of candy from the candy dish.

I really think they should take a page from the book of warhammer online. They had an amazing pvp system, where in each zone there was an RVR (realm versus realm) pvp area complete with keeps , battlefield objectives, and your realm (faction) got realm wide bonuses for capturing certain keeps, ect.

I think this would translate well in STO if they had a sector devoted to open world pvp. The Warzones...well they suck, lol, pretty bad. They seem cool in essense...theyre really not that good, pretty boring. The PVP que system... eh, pretty rough, allways unbalanced teams, rarely is there a good matchup in pvp que like there should be. I mean counterstrike when I was 11 could balance the teams of a match, boot excess players on one or the other team if more dont join, but this game I -pay- to play can't. O_o somethings wrong here

But back to the open world PVP
I think PVP sectors or areas of one sector (a string of planets and asteroid belts, what have you) would be alot of fun. It could even be instanced to levels to make the forces on each side even, sinse sto runs on instances, lol. Have a series of planets, asteroid belts, maybee a few half abandoned stations, or full ones, what have you. And Have a mix between space combat and ground combat between the planetoids/asteroid belts/nebulas and stations, it could easily transist from space bound pvp to ground pvp on a system or station to capture it, and give perhaps your faction bonuses.
As well it servers as a money sink for fleets, so fleets actually have something to raise money for, as is, fleets are nearly useless for endgame unless you do alot of RP, sinse theres -no- good endgame content in the game.
The STFs, are cool to do.. maybee once or twice. Otherwise, you usually get stuck with a newb team who ditches out half way through unless your with all fleet members, or theyre too slow to complete the STF. And, alot of the STFs just have no payout, u can spend 2 hours playing and might one get one or two common items for the whole shebang, and when your at endgame and your XP is worth about as much as what you dropped in the toilet bowl after your morning coffee, this translates into STFs being worth jack to the endgame structure of the game, which just... isnt there after this many months.
Most MMO players play for the endgame, this is why all your players left cryptic. Cause you dont have one.

Everyone who supports my PVP revamp please post in reply. Obviously its not perfect, just telling cryptic they need to add more satisfying pvp content to the game or.. something endgame significant, or theres probally not gona be a star trek online in a few years, well one that people will pay for at least.
If i wasnt a Roleplayer, I would have canceled my sub the second month, -NO- Doubt. I LOVE star trek, and have honestly been waiting for this game sinse way before cryptic bought it, sinse the day the webpage went up and I almost crapped my pants in happiness over a star trek mmo. But, the game kinda sucks at endgame guys, i honestly would have canceled my sub after 2 months of not for roleplay, no lie at all.
Playing alts doesnt have much playability value unless your just really bored, other than that theres really no good endgame content.
Sorry to break it to ya crpyic, youve done a really good job with the game, cept for in this ULTRA important aspect. Ive just been waiting, but realize I guess its more important to add in tuxedos and bridge packs that sell in the c store than actual end game content..... which, kind of makes me sad for the future of this game....
If you dont think im right cryptic, go talk to some of the players who left your game in the dust. Theyll agree with me Im sure, Ive more than once thought about going back to my warhammer account after reaching RA for the first time and realizing the game just ended, like a bad fps, reached the end and it really was -done-. Unless I started roleplaying alot, there just wasnt going to be an endgame for me, sinse there isn't any kind of decent one built into the game. I want STO to last for years to come, but at this rate.... you might as well start packin up, your game is in -serious- trouble without a good endgame. Sorry