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08-22-2010, 11:46 AM
I don't understand where people get this rosy picture of Mythic-style RvR from. In my experience, it consisted of "where's the zerg" followed by "oh the server crashed" then "omg one faction has 10 times as many as the others put together how boring".

Maybe you enjoy being a meaningless also-died in a giant cluster**** of a space battle, but I find that prospect wholly unentertaining.

Oh, and the idea of instancing combat between uneven factions to even out the numbers is absolutely flawed on a mathematical level. Individual games will be instanced, but the overpopulated side will end up with obscenely long queues as they attempt to "do their part" for the war effort, simply because there aren't enough matches to go around if there's a huge population imbalance.

In short, unless you have a whole lot of really innovative ideas on how to solve the PROBLEMS with open RvR-based gameplay, I do not support this idea at all.