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08-22-2010, 05:28 PM
Originally Posted by tomatopastemoose View Post
I Sorry to break it to ya crpyic, youve done a really good job with the game, cept for in this ULTRA important aspect. Ive just been waiting, but realize I guess its more important to add in tuxedos and bridge packs that sell in the c store than actual end game content..... which, kind of makes me sad for the future of this game....-tomatopastemoose
Sorry to break it to ya tomatopastemoose, but CRYPTIC may NOT want this game to be very SUCCESSFUL.

Unfortunately business buy and sell company's and products to each other to make a profit. Some will

bring the price down or value to sell to friends or silent partners in hope of making it better down the road.

I'm glad there is a queue system that allot of people like I think thats great. But I still only care about OPEN

PVP AREA for myself between the two.

I hope one day a GM will give us feedback on making a open pvp area as CRYPIC did in COH and COV.