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08-23-2010, 01:53 AM
Originally Posted by DeadlyShoe
I've been flying a VoQuv of late, just posting to register my irritation about its deflector dish or more accurately its lack of one... I hate that all my deflector powers originate from the center of the model. :/
All Klingon ships effectively have this issue. The scan and tractor beams either emit from the nose or from th ecentre of the ship, even though the only Klingon vessel that has what is believed to be some form of sensor dish at the front is the Vor'Cha - and frankly that's debatable since it could be any number of things.

In actual fact, the only Klingon vessel we've seen emit a tractor beam or sensor beam is a Bird of Prey in DS9 which actually emits it from the bulge on its belly - so its highly probable that the same devices are in similar places on the rest of the KDF fleet as well.

But then the tractor beam on Fed ships also seems to emit from the deflector dish even though they all had tractor emitters in various other places - and the fact that the tractor beams require the deflector science skills and deflector component really shows that Cryptic have absolutely no basic knowledge of Star Trek tech, which is a shame.

Tractor beams should have been an additional component, as should a warp matrix (the entire warp core, plasma conduits and warp coils in the nacelles).

Frankly Cryptic should have played Star Trek: Starship Creator - it may well be a poor game by all regards, but what it does well is example a large selection of components to setup when building a Trek ship.