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08-23-2010, 02:49 AM
Originally Posted by Dalnar
Problem is, without player feedback, the ship may be created with some odd layout which is in most cases horrible, like the new klingon carrier. I would like to prevent that so a healthy discussion about what should / or shouldnt the ship offer would be proper.

It may not been in exact numbers. But it would be as the dev says : our view is that it should work as this and that, and should fill this role, its special ability should do this at the cost of this etc.

There are some stuff you dont see from just the engineering database on sol station, such as inertia etc, and you can know it, only if you buy it.
I would certainly love to know their stats. But I don't expect any real odd layouts. Even though I would love to see something new.

Beside, there can be also bugs.
Well, it's not actually our job to find all the bugs. They have a QA that should do at least some of that - some stuff will only occur if enough people test it, bug I would say that a new ship might actualy one of the things that is least likely to be bugged. Unlike a mission where you maybe went zig where the developers always wend zag.