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08-23-2010, 03:34 AM
Originally Posted by Dragonwindspirit
1st... your statement implied one, it was not clear you were referring to two at any point, regardless of whether you mentioned two previously. Clear communication does not leave room for misunderstanding. So. Point and match.
If you look back to that post that mentions the '45mins', you'll see that I even put "and" in italics to help it stand out. "the cheapest Holo Emitter and the most expensive". That's quite clearly 2.
Bear in mind that if I had done as you're suggesting now and said "45mins for 15mins of Holo Emitters", you'd be jumping on me saying "I thought you had 2, that's not 15mins, that's 30"...

Originally Posted by Dragonwindspirit
2nd... it's a computer program so it is NOT totally random. Even random number generator programs are not truly random without adding special perimeters to them such as basing the number off of atmospheric noise, etc. and can be predicted with enough time and effort put in to work out the algorithm they are using to 'randomly generate' their numbers.. If you knew anything about programming you would know this. (hope this explains it a bit better for you. I doubt cryptic went so far as to code in an atmospheric or quantum based RNG for their game table. So yes, it is possible that with enough work and effort, someone could crack the table. Though that is a topic for another conversation entirely.)
As you say, it'd be damn hard for someone to crack the table, especially while actually playing STO at the same time. So for the purposes of actually playing Dabo in STO, the numbers you choose and the numbers which turn up are random. If you use your programming knowledge, put the work in and manage to crack it, let me know, cos I'd be most interested to see you in action at the tables!

Originally Posted by Dragonwindspirit
3rd... If you got lucky early and won, fine. I have no problem with that. But the problem I do have is your statement that I failed to achieve what you did because I somehow sucked at Dabo or was doing something wrong. Your statement also implied that everyone should be able to make 135k at Dabo in 45 minutes or they must suck at it or are doing something wrong. Like I said above. You can neither suck or be good at Dabo and it's pretty hard to do it wrong (though only betting 10 EC per slot comes close, but even that isn't wrong). It's just a matter of averages and programming (of which I and others, have worked out the averages already).
"You must be doing something wrong!" was merely an ironic quip borne out of the surprise and amusement at how lucky I must have been, and how unlucky you must have been. Hence the exclamation mark to show the comment's flippancy. If that subtlety passed you by, I apologise for causing you a problem.
My statement didn't imply that everyone 'should' be able to make 135k in 45mins, merely that it is 'possible' for people to make that much. And it is possible. There were between 4-6 of us round our table while I was playing (accounting for players leaving and new players joining), and at least 3 of them got a 100k Dabo, and there were plenty lower Dabos, too. We'd all shout 'Dabo' and use the Dabo-emote whenever it happened. Much fun.

Originally Posted by Dragonwindspirit
4th... My personality has nothing to do with this conversation aside from the fact I have little to no tolerance for idiots, fools, liars and stupidity. I don't tolerate people like that in real life, or in games or forums. I see no point in pandering to some idiots feelings when they won't get it anyway. If you don't like my bluntness oh well, I honestly don't give a damn what you like or don't like. You are only relevant to me, in this conversation, and other than that, you have no relevance to me in life or otherwise.

To many people worry about other peoples feelings "oh no, be nice to them or you might hurt their wittle feewins" (miss-spelled on purpose to make my point). If your emotions are so fragile that others can have an effect on you over a forum, a game, or in life, then something is seriously wrong with you and you need to HTFU (Harden The F* UP). I don't pander to that type of pansy ass mentality. Don't like it. To bad. I don't care.

~Captain Mando Rais Dewcap
A person's personality affects all conversations they have. Maybe part of yours is that you don't notice the effect it has. And since I'm neither an idiot, a fool, a liar, or stupid, I guess we're good to go on debating this topic until the game gets pulled. You may not believe that I and some other players got lucky in a game of chance and that you didn't, but your absolute definite belief that I'm a liar just shows your ignorance.

And I never said you had an effect on me. I was merely pointing out how badly you come across in your posts.

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