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08-23-2010, 05:52 AM
Originally Posted by Dalnar
Pff, why so long wait time for the nebula ? Without any information about its loadout, so players can discuss it, before Cryptics sells a ship with horrible potential like Galaxy-X for $$$. Thats really something, which does **** me off. I want the new ships to be worth the money and to be competitive with other T5 ships :/ Not buying a rabbit in a bag, or whatever is the expression in English..
That is just a wild guess of mine:
I *think* because so many players actually requesting exchangable pods (which is the unique Nebula feature after all) Cryptic might be heading for a way to actually exchange them, even if it is just done by customization options. CapnLogan stated the base of the Nebula is designed so that pods could be exchanged, but IIRC his post sounded like it wasn't actually planned to have this feature. Maybe they just need more time to iron this stuff out.
On the other note, a reason is definatly to not release too much stuff at the same time, giving players new stuff on a regular basis.

In terms of Excelsior I would also like to know some of the stats before the release, this way I can at least think about stuff like weapons, consoles and BO power layouts and plan ahead. The stats for the Galaxy-X also leaked through a bit before it has been released.