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08-23-2010, 02:31 PM
I am a strong opponent of F2P games. They are not free, they cost more than a P2P game unless you adamantly refuse to use MT's. When anyone can play for free, the general sociable quality of players plummet. F2P turns PvP into an Arms Race where the richest players are virtually guaranteed to win a match. Gold sellers thrive on a F2P model and they are even harder to evict than usual.

In a Hybrid Model , I would require a few things to keep playing.

1) Lifetime Subscribers get a substantial monthly allotment of C-Bucks.

2) Monthly Subscribers get a decent monthly allotment of C-Bucks.

3) One server for Subscribers and another for Free Players.

4) C-Store sticks to Cosmetic Items and Character Services. No more 'well you could grind for it for 100 hours' nonsense.

5) No Per-Character Items in the C-Store.

6) A Hard price cap in the C-Store so that we are not paying as much (or even more) than the game costs.