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08-23-2010, 01:47 PM
Besides, if you want a Typhoon, look carefully at either the Noble or the Majestic saucers. With a little work I'm sure you can cobble together a suitable hull and pylons. No double nacelles, though; you'll find them on the Constellation class. :p

Then, for fun, look at the Jupiter-class in Gamma-O, preferably when you're in a Discovery-class parked next to it.

Yeah, I don't know who did the models before CapnLogan, but he's probably the best thing to happen to this game, graphics-wise. =P

All that being said, I'd be very curious to see a Typhoon-class battleship in the game, and if it (and the Jupiter-classDN ) are really serious big-gun warships or just assault/star cruisers on Denebian 'roids.