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08-24-2010, 12:02 AM
Originally Posted by daveywavey View Post
If you look back to that post that mentions the '45mins', you'll see that I even put "and" in italics to help it stand out. "the cheapest Holo Emitter and the most expensive". That's quite clearly 2.
Bear in mind that if I had done as you're suggesting now and said "45mins for 15mins of Holo Emitters", you'd be jumping on me saying "I thought you had 2, that's not 15mins, that's 30"...

As you say, it'd be damn hard for someone to crack the table, especially while actually playing STO at the same time. So for the purposes of actually playing Dabo in STO, the numbers you choose and the numbers which turn up are random. If you use your programming knowledge, put the work in and manage to crack it, let me know, cos I'd be most interested to see you in action at the tables!

"You must be doing something wrong!" was merely an ironic quip borne out of the surprise and amusement at how lucky I must have been, and how unlucky you must have been. Hence the exclamation mark to show the comment's flippancy. If that subtlety passed you by, I apologise for causing you a problem.
My statement didn't imply that everyone 'should' be able to make 135k in 45mins, merely that it is 'possible' for people to make that much. And it is possible. There were between 4-6 of us round our table while I was playing (accounting for players leaving and new players joining), and at least 3 of them got a 100k Dabo, and there were plenty lower Dabos, too. We'd all shout 'Dabo' and use the Dabo-emote whenever it happened. Much fun.

A person's personality affects all conversations they have. Maybe part of yours is that you don't notice the effect it has. And since I'm neither an idiot, a fool, a liar, or stupid, I guess we're good to go on debating this topic until the game gets pulled. You may not believe that I and some other players got lucky in a game of chance and that you didn't, but your absolute definite belief that I'm a liar just shows your ignorance.

And I never said you had an effect on me. I was merely pointing out how badly you come across in your posts.

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Actually, I'm neither lucky or unlucky at Dabo. I'm in fact running right about average for the coded chance of the Table from what I and others have worked out. I did see personally someone make a 100k Dabo a cpl days ago but have been doing other things so haven't bothered with the table for a few days so haven't seen or observed anything else since.

It's been estimated that the average time to make 1 million GPL from the table is roughly 48 hours of play. This is of course doing it with no more than the 1k Dabo's and the occassional 15k Dabo, but nothing more than that. A few hours less if you 100k or 200k Dabo.

As for cracking it, I noticed something while playing and got some video of it and from what I saw when I slowed the video down, the Table doesn't actually stay the same as it spins. Just before it stops it shifts each wheel visual forward or backwards a few spots. I have the outer ring specifically in mind and am charting it's shifts first to see if it is in any way predictable.

If it is. Then the Table overall will be predictable, though you'd have to be bloody fast to calculate the positions you'd need to place your slots to make it work for you. So while it might be possible to predict it, feasibility would be the issue more than anything else.

On to the basics of your post. Overall, our conversation doesn't really matter anyway. I took your statement to mean one thing, you meant it another way, though there was some openness for interpretation of meaning there, and the typed word doesn't easily express nuances of meaning that the verbal word does so.. lets chalk that up to miss-communication, drop it and go on.

My overall personality IS pretty sour in general. I don't choose to be Politically Correct, as I see it as a waste of time, effort, and good sense. Say your mind, and if others don't like it, that is their problem and you deal with them accordingly.

Anyway, I'm off to go figure out why two of my Crown Tails and one of my Half Moons died a cpl days after breeding them. Water quality is fine, no unusual reactants that I can test for, and the plants in the tanks and other fish are doing fine so I'm left scritching my head as to why they would bubble nest, mate, egg up and then belly up. That's a topic for another conversation.

Fly Safe.

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