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08-24-2010, 01:02 AM
Just keep using that stun pistol on your cat Tac...and...whatever else you have.
You're doing fine. If that is fun for you, so be it.

Btw, it is 1200 normal damage, no specials...thought I made that clear, guess not. That is quite a big difference. Yes, my NORMAL 2 shots can hit for 1200 plus. I will test moving while using the compression special, bit iirc, that breaks the shot (it will not fire). Get back to you on that one.

Argue away...what I have seen stands pat for me. If not for you, so be it. Just try not to be an ass and post your "observations" as fact, even if they are to you, especially when you cannot be bothered to do any work to back it up. God forbid someone likes ground pvp, thinks you're a "cool guy" cause you can ramble your thoughts eloquently, and takes your advice...quitting ground pvp later that week cause they are tired of dirtnaps.

I have told you the tool-tips are wrong, by testing them. They are. You disregard that completely by quoting what tool-tips say and using this in your "argument", without any controlled testing to verify the I posted. I am well versed in ALL ground weapons and combination's...I have and use several types of weapons, especially since season 2, where you sort of have to. You imply I am preaching a preference...simply not true...I am preaching what works know...ground PvP starting at the lower tiers.

Problem is, if your "well thought out, logical argument" actually gets some buyers, that is that many more people who will give up on ground pvp before working it out and figuring it out, because they are so tired of getting their asses handed to them, and not being able to figure out why. Not everyone is like you and can handle constant 30-6 losses game after game after game after game when a decent grounder is on the other side (I know YOU can, cause I have watched you take them).

If you actually paid attention and tested beyond "what you see" and 'what makes sense to you given the tool-tip information" would do us all a service before taking your "obvious observations" , and "Tool-tip information", and rambling like they are fact. I know you "don't have the time or patience" to do actual testing on your own, and your "observations" are concrete to you, but just because you're a "genius" and a "logical thinker", pushing off as bullpucky someone else's tests does everyone a disfavor, especially if someone buys your presumptions.

There are a TON of other factors besides DPS that affect ground play, but as for the pistol/rifle question posited here, pistols are inferior by and large.

cheers and game on.