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08-24-2010, 01:36 AM
Originally Posted by dkshadow9498
DDO is also F2P, they only give store points for free to lifers as an appeasement.... Now, should STO go F2P, you might see something like this, but it's not likely to go free anytime soon, as Cryptic is paying HUGE license fees.
Disagreeing with you because I am both a subscriber to DDO and LOTRO and have tested the LOTRO F2B beta.

You get points for paying a monthly subscription fee or being a formal life time subscriber. 500 turbine points a month. I am not a life time subscriber for either so it isnt just a perk for life time subscribers. Turbing put it in there as an incentive for subscribing. Really the amount of points you get per month is nothing if you want something from the Turbine Store.

Just saying this from the numerous news letters I get, Testing, and playing Turbine games.