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# 9 Sad but true
08-24-2010, 02:53 AM
Originally Posted by DarkOrion69 View Post
I would like to suggest that Lifetime Subbers/300+ Veterans eventually be given a small stipend of Cryptic Bucks. Dstahl has praised the DDO model and they do this. If the C-Store is really about choices and not just +$$$ then this innovation would be something to emulate imho.
Actually the sad part was that this was already supposed to be part of the C-Store LTS rewards according to ZInc, Cryptic was supposed to give LTS one free Item of our choosing out of every wave that made it into the C-Store as loyalty rewards program, but it never materialized......

I am totally against a F2P model it will make degrade this title and its reputation far worse than it already is.