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08-24-2010, 09:46 AM
Originally Posted by DekuScrubby View Post
Right, that's why we have to buy access to;
-Diplomatic missions
-First Contact missions
-Anomaly minigames
-New sectors
-New VA story missions

etcetera from the C-Store, right? Since these are things people wanted, surely we have to buy them?

Oh wait, no, they all came free. What a shame.

Right, that's why I bought;

-The Galaxy-X
-The Galaxy-R
-The Intrepid-R
-The Rivera Tribble
-Joined Trill
-Character slots
-Ship slots
-BO slots
-Uniform slots
-Any ship consumes

etcetera from the C-Store. Oh, actually I didn't buy any of that, because I'm not a colossal idiot and don't buy things I don't want/think are too expensive.

So don't buy them. Good grief. If you aren't willing to pay $15-$25 for something unnecessary like a retrofit or a dreadnought, you don't have to. I didn't.

I join every forum with an open mind. It's when I discover posts bashing a company that is trying to deliver what people ask for "hurr durr crypic is putting everything in cstore" that I rage.

And who doesn't eat a cookie all at once?
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