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08-24-2010, 09:56 AM
Originally Posted by Terra_Revived
I like this idea alot from an immersion view point its excellent and realistic, and heck its just plain old neato!
Though i'd suggest you can call for aid from the first/ possibly second time you die but obviously would then be able to continue the mission until you complete it or help arrives to help you complete it.
Also i'd add in few extra accolades just for a fun little thing ( I Do love me some accolades xD)

Accolade 1: My Hero - Respond to 10 Distress Calls
Accolade 2: Your not a ferengi are you? - Send 10 Distress Calls
Accolade 3: Space is a lonely place - Have 5 Distress calls ignored (I.E no player comes to help you)

I like those accolades. Good idea.