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08-24-2010, 04:09 PM
Darren, how good are you at Photoshop? Not sure if you are using it for that but you might be able to Photoshop your BO's into your sickbay background if you can clear the room of the extras if you need them out of the shot.

But you got me to thinking about doing this for another game now only just for myself and friends to see though. I was to do a written story of the group years ago but put it off because it became too much hassle trying to get so many people's "creations" the way they wanted. But then I was thinking after seeing this to save from the masses in that situation to maybe do it on my characters alone and maybe they just have "recurring roles". I figure if I did it visually like you did that might work out better since it's a superhero game. Sort of tells you which one in there, huh?

Edit: Also ST fonts can be found at if you wanted/needed them for the title page.