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08-24-2010, 11:04 PM
Someone in another thread asked the purpose of Aux power, how it affected their abilities. I wrote up this little test, and thought it would be good to quote/add here:

Originally Posted by PatricianVetinari View Post
If you want to know exactly how Aux is affecting the powers you have, do this:
  1. Go to System Space. Orbitting in your ship outside Earth Space Dock will be fine.
  2. On your ability tray, locate the ability you want to see affected. For instance, Tractor Beam (TB). Hover your mouse pointer over TB and you'll get a pop-up window that shows you the effects at your current Aux settings. Write these down on a scratch paper, or type them into Notepad or something.
  3. Now, locate your Ship's Power Settings, you'll see a little box in the upper right that let's you change the Power Settings UI. Click that and change your setting to option 3. This will give you slide bars that you can use to adjust each power level manually.
  4. Slide your Aux Power all the way to the top.
  5. Again, hover your mouse over TB, you'll see your settings at your strongest possible Aux Power. Write/type this.
  6. Slide your Aux Power as far to the bottom as you can go.
  7. Hover your mouse over TB again, and you'll see your effects at your lowest setting. Write/type this as above.
  8. Now compare your settings and you'll see how much altering Aux power affects your Ability's effects.
  9. Repeat the above for all your Abilities to see what is affected by Aux, and by how much.
Other things you can try are to trigger Emergency Power to Aux and/or pop an Aux battery, and then see the results.

You can do the above tests with Weapons, Shield, and Engine power levels. For example you can see how your speed and turn rate are changed when you change Engine Power, or your damage is altered with Weapons Power, etc.

Play around with your Power Settings until you find that Happy Medium. Before you make any respec or change in skills though, I'd recommend trying my Calculator to see how your skill levels would affect your power settings.

Good Luck!