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08-24-2010, 11:25 PM
Originally Posted by DarkOrion69 View Post
Just because I do not see something that I know is out there, does not mean that I must ignore it and the feelings I have regarding it. Some people like myself need canonical limitations to suspend our disbelief and have fun.

I think that common guidelines establish the backbone in a believable fictional world. If you start allowing things that make no sense to go on behind closed doors, eventually those things creep into the public eye. Then I have to deal with people who think the IKC IloveKFC is ja valid ship designation.

If people are so gung-ho about choice, what about my choice to maintain some sense of canon/realism in STO? Does my preference always end where someone else's begins? Why should they get preference in allowing Full Customization instead of me getting preference in Limited Customization? Where do we draw the line between what fits in a ST game and what does not?
So basically you want to penalize players who stick for the game since launch, players who dont have the time/energy/slots to make yet another alt. Why would i want to buy a new race from C-Store, if i already have 7 toons, but i would prefer to change one of the aliens to more Star Trek race, which WASNT availeble at the time i made the toon ? Or only new players are allowed to create new toons with new skins ?

I fail to see how to ruins it your immersion, if i a random person you dont know, change one ugly headed alien to pakled or tellarite i would have picked if the race was available when i made the choice. Same goes for trill/joined trill.