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08-24-2010, 11:38 PM
Originally Posted by DarkOrion69 View Post
As I said, because it seems to create an eventual cascade of options that continue to threaten immersion. If we can quietly change our race, why not our profession? Why not sell levels/ranks in the C-Store for people with busy lives. Why not offer a 'start at Rear Admiral Token' or hell even 'start at Vice Admiral Token' for people that are just too busy but plenty rich enough to play STO evidently? It never stops...
Actually after checking your profile, i find it funny you play alien, who does look like human, and has some RP background to back it up but still, its obvious you wanted other traits and look like human. How does that NOT ruin my immersion ? If you want to look like human, you should play human and have human traits, or you tell me you picked the same ones as generic humans, just to have alien in profile ? i highly doubt it

So step down from your immersion horse and look on it from practical view. If race change is not available, it means less sales of races in C-STORE, and that means less development on new races, which means less diversity.