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08-25-2010, 06:28 AM
Originally Posted by Darren_Kitlor
So good I've already done that.

When I say hard, I mean ""it takes me longer than a minute to do."

Go for it! We're living in a day and age where friends of mine make albums from their laptops, program code while hiking the North Cascades, and can make cats do the darnedest things in Photoshop.

Let you imagination run wild and don't worry about it getting caught on anything - you can't catch what you can't contain.

I actually used ST fonts from Tal Shiar on the title pages. I have "Enterprise" for the title and the episode name; "Federation" for the author credits.

Once I have a better front-page format done, I'll update the entire thing.

I insist on comic-style fonts for the dialogue though. It just wouldn't be the same without "DigitalStrip" - it's highly readable without taking up too much horizontal space.
I was wondering if you used that for the Klingon borg laying down in sickbay. lol

The part about the fonts, ah... now I know why I didn't recognize it. Enterprise. My least favorite of all the series.

And for the dialogue, yes you are right the comic-style does work better. I was more thinking the title page. I should have mentioned that. Using a Trek font for dialogue might make it harder to read or make you have to enlarge the bubbles which would hurt the rest of the visual. Honestly, I guess because after reading comic books, the font you used just seemed normal so didn't even cross my mind. Probably why I didn't say the title page because the dialogue font just seemed like it supposed to be that way.

The only time I can even see using a ST font in your strip's dialogue would be if your character's universal translator is broken and you want another person in the scene speaking say Romulan for example and not want the readers to get it until the translator is fixed and your character asks for a repeat. lol However, since you are doing this in your spare time, you probably will want to stick to the same size as issue 1 (plus for downloading the hi-res version purposes as well), such a scene probably wouldn't make sense as it would take too much space in the issue just for that.

Edit: Wow. Just learned we can only have so many smilies in a message so had to delete some of those in your quote.