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08-25-2010, 10:05 AM
I say again, other than it possibly being a technical reason there is no justifiable reason whatsoever not to offer a Race Change.
If it ruins someones immersion that people can change race if they want to, then i feel very sorry for them.

And if some people are so stuck up they need an in-universe explanation, hows this?
How many times have we not seen a mutagenic virus or alien parasite transform people into an entirely different species?

Geordi LaForge was almost completely transformed into an alien lifeform to the point where there was almost "nothing" human left in him.
Archer, Hoshi and Reed were transformed into an alien species known as the Loque'eque by a virus.
The Klingons lost their ridges from the Augment virus because of the human DNA getting mixed into theirs.
The Kobali a species from the Delta Quadrant, could re-animate the dead and completely change the physiology of a human to be Kobali.

Need i go on?