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08-25-2010, 09:46 PM
Originally Posted by Cpt.William2
That isn't the "Search for Spock" Excelsior. That is the Ent-B/Lakota type Excelsior. The fins on the Nacelles and Deflector and the Two extra impulse engines give it away...
Originally Posted by Omega_Glory
Very nice chart.

I would suggest leaving room next to the Tier 2 cruisers for the "Search for Spock" Excelsior for when it's released. The one you currently have on the chart is the Tier 5 "refit" Excelsior based on the Enterprise-B/Lakota model. So, just change "Search for Spock" to "Excelsior Refit" or something.

Regardless, great job!
Originally Posted by DeLance
Just wanted to post the same. The Excelsior shown is the Lakota-Refit, not the original design.

Nevertheless, your chart is a definite must-have!
Many thanks for putting all the work into it!
You're welcome! I'm glad everyone's enjoying it; even had a couple of Devs give kudos on it! That's just too cool! Okay, so just uploaded v2-7 of the chart. I've moved the Retrofit Lakota / Ent-b to the proper tier... Just waiting on the official word on the stats before solidifying it. Added the 'classic' Excelsior to the Cmd level tier under the 'special ships' catagory. And for anyone interested, here's my reasoning behind that decision:
I'm not sure if they're going to do additional Commander-level ships, other than the Advanced Heavy Cruiser - and if so, will their parts be interchangeable with any other ships? Or, will they be something completely separate like the Adv Heavy Cruiser & Dreadnaught? For now, it's going to be remain in the "Special Ships" row, and if additional ships do come out (like say a Advanced Heavy Escort, or Advanced Research Science Vessel, I may add an additional Commander tier column).