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08-25-2010, 10:07 PM
Originally Posted by Sabre9
I saw the Dev tracker, came into this thread... the OP in his post correctly described (first sentence even! good job!) his nice looking chart, but, since none of the ships I fly are on the chart, the thread should be renamed to what the OP said: "Graphical Federation Ship Tier Chart" instead of "STO Graphics Ship Chart". I pay for STO, I come in here looking for my ships also, but none are there. Yet another example of people assuming STO = Federation only. Since STO is Federation only, all KDF players should be able to play for free, perhaps?
Originally Posted by ivarST
Or perhaps you should be more than yet another whiny Klink player and provide some screen shots instead? Or get a clue and wait till CapnLogan has finished up polishing your models and adding new ships?
In the meantime there´s still Suricata´s pic.

Spidey I recommend you put this screenshot request in your first post. Looks like hardly anybody can be bothered to read threads anymore.
Thanks for the suggestion; I may just have do that. However, I did want to address what Sabre9 is saying about the title of this thread. I intentionally posted this thread with the name "STO Graphical Ship Chart by SpiderMitch". I did this because I fully intend on creating both a Federation and Klingon graphical ship chart. I wasn't sure, however, if there would be a huge demand for it. Suddenly as this thread got attention, many people were asking for a Klingon version. I started working on it, when it was brought up that they're going back and remodeling alot of the ships, so it would be wasteful to do it right now. Besides, I need to get my Orion slave girl off her bum and go level up something fierce to get these pics.... That is.... unless someone would be so kind as to post them