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08-26-2010, 05:32 AM
Originally Posted by DES_SNIPER View Post
Dstahl even admits himself that there is no seperate team for the C-Store.
So yes, EVERY item in the C-Store does take away content and bug fixes from the game.
All your quote showed was the a ship artist gets tied up making c store ships. The ship artist is not going to be fixing bugs if he has no ships to make. He's going to either be doing nothing, or if they did put him on free ships, then it would still be adding something to the game while there are bugs to be fixed. Kinda like the refit ships, you get one for free a VA and can earn the others for free, or buy them with cash. No one complained that they were making new free content while there were still bugs to be fixed. Kinda ironic, it's ok to make new stuff for free, but when they charge for things that's "taking man power away from bug fixing"

Now for the OP. Here is basically what you are asking for when you complain about the C-Store. Hey Cryptic you have this store and its making money because a lot of people are willing to pay for extra fluff. Why don't you stop making this extra money because it is hurting some people's feelings. Stop caring entirely about the paying customers who want to pay you more money, and start caring more about your customers who never want to give you a dime beyond the subscription price. It's wrong for a game developer to make money selling their product. Your role is after all to provide free content to all the under privileged trekkies of the world.

Gee, I wonder why they don't listen to you.

The C-Store will go away as soon as people stop buying from it. Just like any other store in the world.
And many of the people that complain about it still buy things from it.