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08-26-2010, 06:45 AM
Originally Posted by attilio View Post
The C-Store is a way for Cryptic to make a little extra cash in order to ensure the continuation of this game. For the most part it has cosmetic items which don't affect your gameplay in anyway. Having that extra content in-game for free won't do anything for you. It doesn't give you extra missions and it doesn't make you stronger. It simply "looks cool".

Other items such as additional slots are necessary to be sold through the C-Store. In order to give you these additional slots Cryptic needs more storage space, which costs money. You are essentially paying for a portion of that space.

I don't know what you're true problem with the C-Store is. Perhaps you want all those items and can't afford it. Maybe you want a 100% free Star Trek MMO. Whatever you're reason, that's your opinion and its fine. Just understand that the C-Store is a way to support this game even further, and I see nothing wrong with giving them a little extra support.
well i guess the problem is that many other companies have much much more customization options in their games. Here the variations without C-Store are, to say it nice, very limited.

I am fine with C-Store for things like additional Charslot.

But I cant agree with the customization only argument many talk about. We know that there are things that give you other not achievable options obtained through C-Store that are not obtainable ingame. I dont know why ppl still use that argument if you can easy look through C-Store and find out the items that dont fall under this made statement about "looks cool only"
But feel free to show me a Cruiser with Cloak obtainable ingame...