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Originally Posted by rdman22 View Post
just because i dont use punctuation marks doesn't make my point less valid.
Yes, it does.

I may just be a grammar Nazi here, but spelling and punctuation make posts easier to read. We, as English speaking Humans, have agreed to communicate using certain standards. To completely ignore those standards shows that you either don't care enough about your reader to properly communicate with him (or her), or haven't put the time into your post that normal thinking individuals do and therefore did not proofread it before posting. Thus, you show that you had no interest in checking if your point made sense and was intelligible. Proofreading is a process designed to force us to think about what we write rather than just post it without a second thought. Your skipping it shows that you did not think about your post a second time and your reader will be inclined to assume that you posted it in frustration rather than actually considering it like an intelligent human being.

In short, punctuation marks mean you actually thought about your post.

(Just my personal pet peeve, please return to your regularly scheduled gripe)