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08-26-2010, 01:16 PM
I've had a change of opinion on the whole Galaxy-X thing.

It was, actually, a pretty cool thing for Cryptic to do. The Galaxy-X was introduced as a referall / subscription stimulus program. Trekbois + baubles = feeding frenzy so there were people who actually went out and purchased 5 more copies ofthe game and signed up for 5 more subs jsut to have Riker's spiffy future Enterprise.

The 2000 CP version on the C-Store could be viewed as Cryptic's way of saying "stop the madness, here's a cheaper way to get it."

Or they could have just waited till the intial sales rush of retail boxes died out and said, "ch-ching phase 2 put it on the C-Store now."

Meh, whatever . . . this whole C-Store situation is a complete fiasco.