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08-26-2010, 01:20 PM
This is only going to be a real issue with Engi Captains, given their two very good Captain heal abilities. Now if they were to make Miracle Worker disable it's engines and lose all power... well that might balance things out

I mean can we have the Excelsior without a buggy Transwarp drive and awesome 80s style computer voice?

Seriously though, I do agree that putting this straight to the C-Store without even announcing an in-game method of acquiring it wasn't a very good idea. C-Store truly needs to be for cosmetic items, not ships with unique abilities. "Game Changing" can be defined many ways and just the Transwarp drive could be considered game changing, to say nothing of it being the only cruiser with a Lt.Cmdr. tac slot.

Now there are two unique ships in the C-Store, both cruisers with abilities unable to be obtained through any in-game means. I didn't really care about the Galaxy-X at first, but with that and now the Excelsior they're starting a bad precedent and really need to re-evaluate their C-Store policy. "Cosmetic Only" means no unique abilities and it's something they really need to stick to.

As far as mocking the Sovereign, I'm not ready to throw in the towel just yet. Those Engi Excelsior captains may be tough to take down, but I'm not ready to declare it impossible till I face one head on. The only question is will that extra Lt. Cmdr engi slot be enough to compete with the Lt.Cmdr Tac abilities...