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08-26-2010, 01:45 PM
Schwab, I was doing just that in the Tribble thread, but then they threw the curveball in releasing the T5 before players came to a consensus!

Cryptic is dead set on keeping the Excelsior Refit as is and it's very doubtful there will be any changes to the Sovereign anytime soon. So we just got the middle finger and told "if you want to do better fork over $20 for the ship and a respec token".

Originally Posted by Tribbler View Post
Are you a Klingon?

If you are, I have been in several PVP battles with you guys and you have been stripping us down like crazy.

It's fair IMHO.
My Main is an Engineer Sovereign Captain, while my Secondary is a Klingon Raptor General. And I honestly saw Sovereign dieing faster than Excelsior-Refits.

Heck, as I said previously, Excelsiors with Beam Overload 3 can easily 1 shot player T5 BoPs.

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What about the Klingon captains ...or whats left of them.
Afraid that's another thread in itself. From what I hear, its another 2 months before Klingons get anything. But at least the K'Vort's confirmed.

Originally Posted by USSNighthawk
And I knew this was going to happen. Eventually, the original (and proper) T5s would get outclassed by the retrofits.
I as well, when it was announced it was going to have a LT Commander Tactical. But the Star Cruiser still is viable and is probably the best tanking ship in the game due to the Science Slots. However, the Sovereign is clearly obsolete.